what a relief! women's wear daily silenced the bitter debates and threw down rankings for ivy league fashion sense.
1. brown
2. columbia
3. upenn
4. yale
5. harvard
6. cornell
7. princeton
8. dartmouth
brown on penn: "It's all the same type of girl - straight hair, all trying to do the same thing, all label-heavy. The guys, they dress how their mom would want them to dress for their Sunday brunch."

princeton on yale: "Yale is similar to Brown, but more boring."

columbia on harvard: "At Harvard, students either play into their stereotype, by strolling the 'Yard' in a sweater vest and loafers, or rebel against Ivy League stigma by every means possible, which means wearing a sweater vest and loafers."

harvard on cornell: "Cornell is considered the token Ivy. They might have needed one in upstate New York."

penn on princeton: "I mean, Talbots is like the only store in Princeton."

penn on dartmouth: "At Dartmouth, you can't tell if they're going camping or to class."

yale on dartmouth: "New Haven has definitely impacted my daily style for the worse. Thank God I didn't go to Dartmouth."

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