next to phil & co, i fail time out's "are you a true new yorker?" feature miserably - especially with the whole getting-angrily-lost-in-queens-when-you-can-see-the-manhattan-skyline,-it's-right-goddamn-there thing - but i do have little mantras for cursing the people who insist on meandering down the sidewalk directly in front of me. they should perish, i could help them perish.
In a locks-to-locks comparison, [Wesley] Clark would be judged more favorably. [Howard] Dean's hair looks as though it was ordered from an old Sears catalogue. But there's a certain Mayberry charm to Clark's barbershop cut. Yet who can linger over Clark's perfectly trimmed, supreme-Allied-commander hair when his taut profile is competing for attention? His jaw line is so perfectly sharp that a draftsman could use it as a straight edge. Clark has an ideal nose, one that should be cast in plaster and used as a teaching aid in a course on rhinoplasty. Given all that, he doesn't even need hair.

(today's washington post)

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