you shall know our velocity! / dave eggers: sometimes i think that young people shouldn't write about being young. maybe they should write about it, but only once, or they should write and write and then sit on their material so that it can be fresh and unexpected when they publish at age fifty. eggers is a good guy, and i liked his nonfictional heartbreaking work of staggering genius very much. this novel is also about death and perceived futility, also confessional and exclamatory and consciously maudlin, and it's way over the top. not so poignant with the same themes, at least when characters seem so similar to, well, eggers as eggers in work. i could be resenting him because i myself can't fictionalize, but my poems are short. less space in which to be self-indulgent.

i say skip the novel and go to an eggers reading instead. he's too flighty to risk posturing so much in person, and he's quite funny off the cuff.

on writing, paul and his novel still need an agent. i still need to buckle down and write something more substantial than fake haiku.

frantic octopus
sheltering in laundry bag
cannot match our plaids

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