and then i was in the penthouse of the magnate's skyscraper with the waify actress and the rapper's posse, cringing as people set their champagne flutes on furniture i couldn't afford with a year's salary. it's tempting to adopt a how to learn swedish writing style, to refer to notable people by profession and attempt to tell office stories - but kidchamp is too far along to do anonymity well. if you're ever in the mood for silly celebrity stuff, drop me a line - that could work.

the dark side, today's dark side of feeling overqualified for my gig is that when something goes wrong, i'm extra-ashamed about looking incompetent. in the hierarchy of fifty things i'm regularly asked to handle, the lowest five are the ones that come back to gnaw on my ass. it's a lame echo of being the kid who got 50% scores on tests after forgetting to flip the page. who, erm, took the driver's permit exam five times, though there were only three versions.

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