i got up at a quarter after six on saturday morning to take a train out to queens and mill around on the sidewalk in a rainbow vest for an hour, at which point the escort leaders ruled that no abortion protesters were going to show up to harass clinic clients and we could all go home for the week. this is the future liberals want! i hopped back off the train just north of union square to exclaim over dahlias, shell out for a bunch of foraged maitakes, and hem and haw through a pile of decorative gourds, then walked home and wrote a shitload of letters to prospective texas voters.

i keep wanting to re-pitch a travel piece on iceland that i dangled in front of a new editor a few months ago, but we're leaving town at the end of the month and i haven't gotten blasé enough about writing for this particular outlet that i could have a piece for them pending while i'm abroad. i should plan what we're doing when we're to be abroad! i should plan.

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