i attempted some radical-for-me decluttering when sleepless this morning and decided it was time to say goodbye to the watermelon-sized styrofoam skull that's been displayed prominently in the apartment for the last...three years? five years? joe has been very patient. so i had it under my arm in the elevator as i rode down to drop off our recycling and go for an evening walk today. a neighbor got on a few floors below me: "you're not getting rid of that, are you?" yeah, we've had a lovely run, but i think it's time for us to move on; i hope he finds a good home. she held out her hand: "he has." goddamn i love new york! she was en route to visit her son, in the building next to ours. "he can put it on his balcony." we had him on OUR balcony! naturally i was wearing my evolution tank as we chatted.


LPC said...

New York is better

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