the dirty dozen {excerpts from yelp reviews of the brooklyn bridge}

01 Dirty, noisy​ and full of freaks.

02 Probably one of the most stressful things I've done this year, if not my entire life.

03 The overall design of the bridge is pretty cliche if you ask me. It looks like every other bridge that is featured in almost every movie.

04 The main stressor in my life.

05 Do the bicyclist have shame that they have taken much more than their fair share. I think they don't.

06 I went here during construction so it smelled weird

07 Yes, it's iconic, but it's a bad idea, and it doesn't work.

08 All in all, This is my second favorite East River bridge after the Williamsburg Bridge!

09 Ok, so I guess it's pretty cool to walk across such a glamourous bridge, but be prepared to dodge throngs of others thinking the same thing.

10 Personally it no "wow" factor for me because of the Golden Gate Bridge in SF.

11 what would really make this walk more exciting is if the street vendors sold broom sticks so you could whack the bikers.

12 Manhattan is a grid, my a**.

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LPC said...

Substitute pool noodles for broom sticks, because, softie, and I'm in.