the dirty dozen {twelve things i brought home from a week with family in northern california}

01 three sets of baby teeth
02 a handmade quilt with a smattering of blood stains
03 three frozen burritos
04 mushroom jerky*
05 a jay feather
06 a wooden feather
07 a lighthouse passport
08 like seventeen oyster shells
09 frankenstein in baghdad (h/t @ point reyes books)
10 signs preceding the end of the world (ditto)
11 a bunch of berlin's hair
12 renewed appreciation for mark knopfler

*not as toothsome as far west fungi's, but legit.

imaginary reading group discussion questions

01 what do you pick up when you're away from home?

02 what should i do with these teeth? (i have two sets of wisdom teeth, too.)

03 what if we just forgot about term limits in california?

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furiousmuse said...

in my recent travels, i picked up:
books (4, including dave eggers' the circle, which is somewhat responsible for my decision to part ways with facebook),
2 roll-on bottles of a swedish deodorant (why? because my toiletry bag remained on the living room floor in california while i was abroad, and two because I REALLY REALLY LIKED IT),
other toiletry items,
a hair tie from my friend because i lost mine,
a bagful of maps and tourist advertisements,
two hexagonal candles,
two pairs of earrings,
an affection for 24 hour time,
a strange nostalgia for IKEA,
NEW WORDS that i really want to stay in my vocabulary: hej, tack, fika, kommer (said frequently to the dogs, who frequently ignored me),
an appreciation for black coffee (milk is for wimps), and
a deep desire to turn my life on its head, ditch anxiety-inducing behaviors and environs completely, leave california behind in a wake of dust sooner than later, and do what it takes to TRAVEL MORE.