per our cross-country instructions to one another, joe packed my thrifted balenciaga for my grandmother's funeral and i bought him two pairs of extra-soft power rangers boxer shorts.


LPC said...

And acquired a fleece drinking blanket on the way.

uncle paul said...

Fashion. And do you mean to say you don’t know me?
Death. You should know that my sight is bad, and that I can’t use spectacles, since the English now make none that suit me; and if they did, I have no nose to stick them on.
Fashion. Why, I am Fashion, your own sister.
Death. My sister!
Fashion. Aye; don’t you remember that we are both the children of Frailty?


lauren said...

lisa: i finally got to use the blanket on my transcontinental flight. i did not drink under it, but i did eat an inordinate number of jelly beans.

paul: sweet christ i love that. thank you.

theRachel said...

Were the boxers extra soft because they were also thrifted?

lauren said...

he must never know.