the dirty dozen {packed for a week in the dominican republic}

01 the queen of the night (alexander chee)
02 wolf hall (hilary mantel)
03 death of a red heroine (qiu xiaolong)
04 hand-eye supply safety glasses
05 a ratty old iron maiden fear of the dark tour tee
06 a pineapple corer
07 two running tanks
08 a tagless black bathing suit i found at a fashion giveaway at the office four years ago
09 stink
10 a charley harper puzzle
11 purple shampoo
12 pimentón

1 comment:

cara said...

I could not read Wolf Hall. I remain deeply confused about the Hilary Mantel fuss.

I have just started using Daddy O too. I hate the smell but I hate it less than the smell of other purple shampoos and I am trying my hardest to go cruelty free with cosmetics. Lush is troublesome, sometimes they are wonderful and sometimes I find myself wondering why I just paid £12 for a tiny tub of mayonnaise to rub on my face.