conversations with doctor omnibus {ghost forest edition}

doc: what's new?
LMO: i'm still freelancing. and i'm going to italy tomorrow.
doc: [halfhearted shrug]
LMO: what's new with you?
doc: at my age? nothing. what would be new with me?
LMO: have you read anything good lately?
doc: i don't read.
LMO: surely you read.
doc: what would i read?
LMO: novels, nonfiction?
doc: isn't what i do here nonfiction?
LMO: you've been to italy, i imagine.
doc: never. i have no interest. look this up: N-E-S-K-O-W-I-N. on your smartphone. look it up now.
LMO: [taps at phone] oregon! that's where your daughter lives, right?
doc: i don't know where my daughter lives.
LMO: it's beautiful, this beach.
doc: it's very hard to get to, and there are no people there. that's where i go. there's a ghost forest, two thousand years old, it's coming out of the ocean now.


Rachel said...

You might have the weirdest therapist ever. I'm always curious if he's actually helpful or if you just feel compelled to keep going because you never know what he'll say.

lauren said...

what i relate here are more or less our entire conversations. sometimes i think he's doing some weird next-level trolling because i wouldn't take a regular session seriously and/or he suspects i leave his office and immediately write down exactly what just happened. amanda has encouraged me to talk with someone who actually wants to talk, but there's something about this that works for me. mules know mules.

Rachel said...

That makes it even more amazing, although I can see why an actual therapist would probably be more helpful. I'm now even more curious about him. What's his end game? I NEED TO KNOW.