having learned nothing from our immense cross-country road trip, we drove to pittsburgh and back this weekend for old friends and their new house and the warhol and a race and near-constant john-updike-related twinges (i know reading is his town and i love me some michael chabon, but pennsylvania says updike to me, at least until i get around to visiting the cloud factory in person). it was pretty great until our old red car started overheating in the alleghenies just before sunset, which would also have been great in its own way if i hadn't needed to be in new york city with my files for a bunch of writing deadlines over the next few days and the cats hadn't needed food. when we stumbled into the apartment twenty minutes ago said cats and the rumpled makeshift darth vader costume i'd escaped just before leaving town were right where i'd left them. it's been something, this september. i've missed you.

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LPC said...

"having learned nothing from our immense cross-country road trip..." I could have said that about my 50th birthday. Can't wait to see you.