car: coming along well at my in-laws' place in arizona, supposedly

cassettes for car's old blaupunkt player: to be purchased (ebay?)*

confirmed itinerary:
nights 1-5: phoenix, az (airbnb, house)
nights 6-8: los angeles (chez jo)
nights 9-11: orange county, ca (chez dad)
night 12: tucson, az (funky old hotel)
night 13: el paso, tx (funky old hotel)
nights 14-15: marfa, tx (airbnb, warehouse)
nights 16-18: austin, tx (airbnb, trailer)
night 19: dallas, tx (funky new hotel)
night 20: clarksdale, ms (shack)
night 21: st. louis, mo (tbd)
nights 22-24: chicago (chez jen)
nights 24-25: nashville, tn (airbnb, apartment)
night 26: asheville, nc (tbd)
nights 27-29: charleston, sc (funky old hotel)
nights 30-32ish: baltimore, md or washington, dc (tbd)**

petsitter: booked, to be warned about the wi-fi pet camera so she doesn't think we're creepers

ratty copy of more five-minute mysteries: purchased

wi-fi pet camera: purchased

joe's last day of work is tomorrow, and as we're leaving soon, i'm transitioning from trying to get editors excited about irresponsible-road-trip-related stories (which is working, i think!) to keeping new projects to a minimum until we get back (what if we settle in mississippi for good?). our loved ones are enthusiastic about the trip, perhaps in the way that one can be excited about someone else getting a pixie cut or a tattoo, but i also like pixie cuts and tattoos. that works for me.

imaginary reading group discussion questions

01 do we need a dashboard talisman?
02 do you have a favorite place to stay in el paso and/or asheville?
03 will we die in a shack?

*i need to get on this. at present the sole tape in our possession is the anniversary edition of straight outta compton joe bought on record store day.
**at this point i feel a bit like spinal tap, or a MASH LARPer.


LPC said...

01 Multiple. One for every location. Oracular, preferably.
02 Never been to either place, unfortunately.
03 Highly unlikely.

lauren said...

i nearly bought us a solar pope today; i see what you did there, catholic baptism and soft spot for francis of assisi.

lo said...

Long time listener, first time caller: It seems that you will be crossing paths with Cabinetlandia, the national archives for Cabinet magazine in the southern deserts of New Mexico. Recommended!


lauren said...

@lo that looks amazing, and right up our alley - thank you! (i've wanted to ask for sightseeing recommendations but was afraid i'd just sound like a lazy trip-planner. you're emboldening me.)

Tom said...

Fuzzy dice. Has to be fuzzy dice. (Not dashboard material, but still.)