wite-out homage to angela deane

To Time, [John Updike] owned up to a "sneaking fondness for elegance, for people whose apartments are full of money and the martini comes all dewy and chilled." And then he launched into this remarkable riff:

There's a certain moment of jubilant mortality that you get on a Manhattan street—you know, all these people in the sunshine, all these nifty girls with their knees showing, these cops, these dope addicts, everybody swinging along, and they're never going to be in the same pattern again and tomorrow a few of them will be dead and eventually we'll all be dead. But there's a wonderful gay defiance that you feel in New York in the daytime.

(adam begley, from updike)
i think my lunch-hour wite-out project (above, an homage to angela deane's ghost photographs) is the most exciting thing that's ever happened to my office supplies.


esb said...

do you take commissions?

lauren said...

i'd be a terrible person if i made you a ghostcard, given that angela's a working artist and it's her idea. i think that if i have wite-out in my purse the next time we're at the cha cha and i happen to freestyle something on you, that can be blamed on palomas.

LPC said...

I just want to know if there are any effects on the subjects themselves.

lauren said...

well you've seen what manhattan has done to me.ft

lauren said...

(that ft was matty's contribution. thanks, keyboard dancer.)