conversations on the D train

1: so you stopped dating him because he played minecraft.
2: yeah.
1: did he play minecraft on the date?
2: no, he just...played minecraft.
1: so if i grow up i won't be able to date anyone.
2: well, you won't be able to date me.
1: i don't want to date you! you're -
2: careful!
1: - twenty-seven -
2: okay, that's alright.
1: - and i'm twelve. and on weekends you're amanda poupon.
3: amanda poupon?
2: it's my drag name.
1: do you throw mustard at people?


LPC said...

From what my son tells me life in Greater New York is all about what trains you take?

lauren said...

well sure. take the wrong one and you'll never get home.

Rachel said...

Excellent eavesdrop.

Turns out the man with the dog this morning was going to the vet and he was so cheerfully unapologetic about the 8 am drinking that I was buying it. I mean, time is arbitrary, right? And vet visits are stressful. By the end of the ride I was thinking that we should never judge people drinking on public transit, because, dear god, they could be DRIVING.