the missus and i are leaving for st. thomas at 11:59 on wednesday night; between now and then i'll have shipped a magazine (it's you or me, february 2014), dragged myself 1001 miles at long last, probably failed to donate blood, and slept, hopefully. matty has broken us down over the course of a week of restless nights without interrogating us or making any demands, which seems like questionable strategy, but whatever, i'm not a kitten.

the dirty dozen {twelve things before the tropics, where, i'm told, it is rainy}: part 1 of 2

01 an important video about gifts.
02 rachel's favorite gingerbread recipe.
03 cheetah cam at the metro richmond zoo in chesterfield, virginia.
04 raymond chandler's twenty-four los angeles homes.
05 david lynch nearly makes hemingway interesting in a 1988 obsession ad.
06 "letter to a hotel manager," a lydia davis story for this year's hay festival.


Rachel said...

I'm in awe of your mileage. And you're so ahead of schedule! Enjoy your well deserved vacation, friend. And when you get back, perhaps we'll discuss new potentially misery inducing running goals?

Tom said...

Oy -- if you can, get to Jost van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands (passport required, naturally), and the Soggy Dollar bar. It's pretty much the only thing on the island, and it is just about the best bar I've ever been to.

lauren said...

rachel, we shall. i'm toying with the idea of actually trying to work up to 8 miles in an hour; i have no idea how i'll get there, but i know i'll need your help.

tom, we were told to bring our passports for a galleon bar! is this that bar? i was promised a galleon. (i was also promised an octopus by the same DELINQUENT HOST AND DIVEMASTER, PASTOR PHIL, but then apparently he died (octo, not phil), and though he was spotted again i shan't believe a second octopus tale.)

Rachel said...

I'll be honest - I don't think I'll ever manage 8 mph. I've flirted with an 8:30 pace but I can't sustain it for more than a few miles at a time. But speed work would be a worthy challenge! I tend to slack there.