When the group broke from the conversation around the table to pose for a family photo outside, they continued their easy patter on books and pop culture. Joe's corgi, McMurtry, named after the novelist Larry McMurtry, was insistently present, so that someone catching snippets, from a distance, of the family's conversation into the yard would have heard something like this: "Neil Gaiman ... Spielberg ... McMurtry! McMurtry! ... Cronenberg ... Matt Groening ... McMurtry!"
   "Did you see that picture of John Irving that ran somewhere—he was coming out of some swamp with his shirt off?" Owen asked. "He looked like a ninja."

(from susan dominus's "children of the pen," on stephen king's family)


lauren said...

per a friend, perhaps this photo? weirdly, searches for "john irving shirtless" turn up mostly justin bieber.

Naurnie said...

Our late dog, Augustus, was named for a McMurtry character.