that fuzzy stuff in the back of the fridge

after joe and i adopted him, chuck lived with my college roommate jen for six weeks. we had no apartment and i had no job, but i knew that i needed a black cat in my life as soon as possible.

chuck is now nearly thirteen. he had an ultrasound this morning (at his yearly checkup this week, we learned that he'd lost three pounds over the course of this past year, and his doctor felt a mass when he palpated his chest) and the specialist found that his spleen is enlarged, his intestines are moderately thickened, and he has multiple severely enlarged mesenteric lymph nodes; the assessment is that he has lymphosarcoma, a diagnosis we can confirm with a guided aspiration. we're giving him steroids as of this evening, and we're going to get in touch with an oncologist tomorrow to talk about the possibility of veterinary chemo, something we know almost nothing about. if any of you know someone who's pursued that kind of treatment for a cat in their family, i would be grateful to know how they felt about it; they can reach me at cuttlefish [at] gmail [dot] com.

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