archetypes reveal themselves when women collaborate on bachelorette gatherings: there are contact-gatherers and listmakers, surreptitious-dildo-crown-buyers and sentimentalists, spa-going ladyscapers and barhopping princesses. me, i'm the scheherazade of simple carbs, and i bake 'til i can't bake no more.

meringue mushrooms

once upon a time for lesley's party in brooklyn this saturday, i made meringue mushrooms with cocoa powder and semisweet chocolate;

dark and stormy cupcakes    slutty yuppie cookies

dark and stormy cupcakes with crystallized ginger (tm yrs trooly), and cookies with smashed-up smoked chocolate, toffee, vanilla, and cocoa nibs;

dark caramels with maldon sea salt

and caramels with soy sauce and maldon sea salt. the end.


rachel (heart of light) said...

You know how to bring it. 

Love the cigar boxes.

And - CARAMELS WITH SOY SAUCE?! This tempts me to abandon the office and go home and burn some sugar immediately.

kidchamp said...

i learned from the best, man; that's your cookie recipe i keep adapting! i think this cigar box/japanese newspaper presentation is going to be a standard going forward; it gives the baked goods a fantastic, mysterious aromatic backdrop.

yep, soy sauce; i'm still touch and go with the texture on those caramels (i think i don't keep them at a high temp for long enough, but i'm always a little afraid i'll make them too firm; is the answer that caramel can't be too firm?), but the flavor, yeow. spooky and secretive and darkly great. burn that sugar!

babyjo said...

excellent spread!

but i can't believe i rolled over and let you guys take the best boxes.

kidchamp said...

clearly we need to go back to that togo's next to the cigar store. 

Rob S. Parham said...


rachel (heart of light) said...

I do love those cookies, but I clearly need to take a cue from you and start playing with them. This particular variation sounds killer. 

I would like to tell you that caramel can't be too firm, but it can. And I'd personally prefer slightly soft to tooth-cracking. So you're erring on the correct side. I also happen to believe that caramels (and fudge) are sensitive to humidity levels, so I use that as my excuse whenever they fail to turn out exactly as expected. Luckily, they are edible no matter what. 

_M_D_F_ said...

Will you save me a cookie please?!

kidchamp said...

where's your crown?