food safety

happy nearly-thanksgiving, internets; as per usual, i'll be taking pictures of holiday food prep and adding them to orphan thanksgiving, the flickr group far-flung friends and i started up a few years ago as a way of pushing our holiday tables end to end. these days it's a celebration of situational family, a repository of food porn (as in other sorts, amateurs are the most interesting), and a place of shared experience. also photos of steve; if you are among the folks coming to our place for dinner on thursday, know that i will be washing this tub before filling it with ice and booze, probably. anyway, stop by! how often does someone ask to see the photo you took of your dinner with your smartphone?


Cara said...

Hello Steve, I think you're pretty. C xx

rachel (heart of light) said...

Joined! I like that when I clicked on it, flickr asks me "Do you really want to join Orphan Thanksgiving?" as if it were concerned about me and my choices. I did. 

Being totally indulgent and cashing in comp hours so I can take tomorrow off and cook early.