10.05.11: culture blotter {the psychedelic furs @ irving plaza}

psych furs @ irving plaza, 10/3

you know you have the right husband when he relieves you of "pretty-in-pink"-recording duties so you can molly ringwald all over the concert hall in a manner you've been dreaming of since you were eight. richard butler sounds as amazing now as he did when i was in third grade; it's for the best that we didn't have the camera out when the band launched into "heartbreak beat," for i lost my shit. welcome back, rocktober.


Naurnie said...

bad. ass. husband.

bad. ass. show.

kidchamp said...

rocktober side note: tom tom club opened, and tina & co. doubled down after an extremely tight "genius of love" with "take me the river" and "psycho killer." I HATE PEOPLE WHEN THEY'RE NOT POLITE, the room thundered.

Rachel (heart of light) said...

Yesssss! I saw them at the Bowl a couple years ago and it was a great show. 

P.S. I am WITH JOE on the concert seating, much to D's dismay, because he is apparently still a teenager in regards to tolerance for standing for interminable periods of time. We compromise by going to the Bowl or the Largo as often as possible. 

Milkmaid's dumb friend said...

Dreamy. Sounds like (a la near the end of MADE) The Big J is good in the pocket.