09.06.11: the dirty dozen {wrought iron in philadelphia}

do not make the mistake of assuming that a safari in search of immobile architectural details is less hazardous than a safari in search of moving creatures; indeed, one assumes at one's peril that architectural details cannot move.

01 wrought iron 02

wrought iron 03 wrought iron 04

wrought iron 05 wrought iron 06

wrought iron 07 wrought iron 08

wrought iron 09 wrought iron 10

wrought iron 11 wrought iron 12


Amid Privilege said...

I say keep going south, all the way to New Orleans.

Milkmaid's dumb friend said...

...The arteriogram sequence is especially traumatising. Blatty recalls being present the first time someone fainted during the scene: "It was at the first preview in New York. I was nervously standing at the back and up the aisle came a woman, unsteady on her feet with her hand over her face, who kept murmuring 'Jesus! Jeeeesus!' over and over again. And I remember thinking 'I hope that's not Pauline Kael'..."
- Mark Kermode, The Exorcist

kidchamp said...

@Amid Privilege i've considered it, lisa, but i fear i would starve to death in new orleans, unlikely as that sounds. 

@MDF who, i ask you, could ever think 'i hope that's not pauline kael.'

aside: i was stumping up the corporate escalator with my flip flops and bandaged toes the other day and ran into anna motherfucking wintour, pardon my french. actually i'm only 99% sure it was her, which given that she's probably the most recognizable person in the industry seems kind of ridiculous, but when one is rocking firework-toes one hopes to god that that 1% works out, and i don't even read vogue.

Amid Privilege said...

Okra. Rice. Beans.

holli said...



kidchamp said...

i have no idea what's going on at this point, team, but i like it.