day 261: hot chip at terminal 5.

celebrities v. giant inflatable rats: big love edition

[at the hot chip show, terminal 5, friday*]

lau: [whips out cell phone]
joe: you are not tweeting about seeing her.
lau: but the sev is the quintessential new york sighting!
joe: all you have is your pride.
lau: [texts amanda instead]

rats: 4.5
star: 15

in other news of the fabulous, we joined amanda and peonies-and-boy (finally past the horrible ash cloud and with us in the states, hooray!) to raise a glass to birthday-meg in brooklyn last night. the rain spattering the restaurant's tented roof sounded like applause; it was lovely.

*that angry review was for the thursday show; i think that one sold out before we were born, as the xx opened for them. alas, the xx were in baltimore on friday; we'll cross paths some other time, for they are boss.


east side bride said...

took me two reads to understand what was going on here, you cryptic, cryptic blogger.

kidchamp said...

that amanda is secretly chloe sevigny? you have no idea how much she talks about prairie dresses, man.

Rachel (heart of light) said...

Oooohh! I spotted her once at the flea market (she's a regular, apparently) and was pretty excited. Did not text anyone but only because I was already with the friend that would appreciate it the most. We basked in the moment together. I'm fairly obsessed with Big Love, and so far D and I have managed to have sightings of several of the cast members.

Amanda said...

01 Your texts are my favorite.
02 Strikethrough "sounded like." Was.

Hannah Mae said...

Last week, chez music company job:

Boss 1: What's up with this band The Hot Chip?
Boss 2: Well, they're probably hot chicks.
Boss 1: ...Hot CHIP.
Boss 2, nettled: I'm just using my intuition.

kidchamp said...

that...is how i'm going to answer everything this week, hannah.