so: fountain art fair new york.

windows on the jerz


in the belly of the lightship



the exhibition was on and around pier 66; an especially disturbing family of installations (allison berkoy's devious "in the belly of the lightship") was tucked into lightship "frying pan,"* a floating lighthouse that once guarded the shoals off of cape fear and supposedly spent three years at the bottom of the chesapeake bay. that third photo is of a porthole in the lightship; i actually erased my photos of berkoy's work, as i didn't want it to haunt my camera. it reminded me a bit of the '08 whitney biennial's satellite exhibition at the park avenue armory (scroll down to my entry for 03.24.08). there's no armory component to the biennial this year, which is a damn shame; paired properly, fine old venues and contemporary material make beautiful music (jeff koons at versailles, the cooper-hewitt in carnegie's upper east side mansion, the renegade craft fair in mccarren park pool...wait, no, that was miserable). i did shiver a bit with the yupster you-are-not-a-beautiful-and-unique-snowflake angst of finding myself at an event that succeeded in pinning my interests, wriggling, to the wall - we actually ran into a pair of hot saarinen chairs i'd been ogling at apartment therapy last week, on loan to one of the gallerists - but i'm at now at peace. also we're way too poor to have to worry about art purchases, ovine or otherwise.

*kidchamp's new banner is a shot from the lightship deck.


LPC said...

Yay rope.

kidchamp said...


LPC said...

I even like the way it smells.

east side bride said...

haunting but *fabulous.* as are your PORTHOLES. also, I'm enjoying the word yupster. might cop that.