101 in 1001 {II}: 066 take a photo every day for a year [underway as of 08.06.09]

day 015: 50th street

it's on, and it's challenging: i'm often tempted to get the day's photo out of the way with a footportrait or a glamour shot of my lunch. should you find yourself with an interest in the ways in which i avoid those, the ongoing set is here.

in other news, yesterday was our third wedding anniversary: i celebrated it by shaving off an important bit of my right knee, jostling the nick when i sat down to dinner, and bleeding gently into bobby flay's tablecloth for two hours. and they say monogamy is unexciting!

in other other news, i finished my last raymond chandler novel (playback), got tickets to tonight's shakespeare in the park (the bacchae), and scheduled a blood donation at a show down in chelsea in a few weeks. these are ensanguined times, internets.


Rachel (Heart of Light) said...

Blood drive show? I'll be interested to hear how it turns out. I wonder how many people will pass out in the sight of all those needles?

wabes said...

i really do love the mosaics in your subway stop...

which bobby flay did you treat your flayed knee to? (couldn't help it!)

lauren said...

@R: good question; gallery hoppers are a volatile bunch. i'll observe and report.

@W: mesa grill, my favorite. the grits with mushroom and chiles were transcendent.

jen said...

i think you can add the label "blood" to this post, too

happy 'versary to you and the missus!