01.16.09: at night, the ice weasels come

(e-mail) 1: I wanted you to know that I froze to death on the walk to work this morning and am now but an icy lump in front of the T-Mobile store, so you are free to marry George.

(e-mail) 2: It is as I foretold!

Are you being snarky, or was the walk as brutal as I imagine it was?

(e-mail) 1: I am being snarky. It really wasn’t that bad, though I did change into pants because my sweater smelled funny.


jen said...

whatever, dudes, the windchill this morning was -31 in chicago.

even without the windchill, in actual degrees that was thirteen degrees below zero.

i know why people flock to chicago NOW, now that it's a great, vibrant city, but what on earth made the first guy with a wagon train go, "here! we're not going any further! this is a great place to live." huh?

lauren said...

exactly! i had the audacity to want to wear a skirt and tights out of the house this morning and joe was like ALL WILL PERISH; he actually got angry at me. i rolled out sans socks, scarf, gloves, or hat, and am happy as a clam (who is very angry about not being home already, but whatever). i've always maintained that the cold here doesn't actually count (case in point: a plane fell in the damn river and no one froze to death).

tom said...

Believe it or not, but the lake helped. Windchill this morning in Aurora (Wayne, Garth, 180k+ others)m which is about 30 miles inland: -51. Yes, that's right.