12.03.08: stopping by woods on a snowy evening

1: you know, some people have coverlets that they put over their beds during the day to catch cat hair and things. we could do something like that for barf.

2: like a tarp.

1: i was thinking more like a blanket.

2: we could get some rubber sheets.

1: you want rubber sheets? you want the cats to sleep on a rubber sheet?

2: [...]

1: "fetish."


lauren said...

the barf/snow thing is in no way my discovery, by the way - it was something paul and jessie wrote about years ago. few phrases have captured my imagination, before or since, the way robert frost poetry re-imagined with barf did.

pica said...

Frost-y the barfman!!

lauren said...

barf makes me so happy (except when it's on my comforter, which is the antithesis of comfort). i'm five.

Ma said...

There are crib-sized flannel sheets with moisture impervious stuff sandwiched in between the soft fuzzy parts...they probably hold body heat pretty well, which could be a plus for the cats.
I feel for you, though...both chairs and the couch in the living room are draped with assorted blankets for just that reason.

anonymous said...

Draping artist canvas does a reasonable job with hair, accidents, and scratching while providing a certain fashion sense and ease of use.

jen said...

i have to dissent with the opinion above, barf does NOT make me so happy. but i have a cat who, like all aging kitties, has been dabbling in bulimia a lot lately. i'd have to lay down rubber sheets across the entire apartment. instead i have just accepted that my dining room rug is disposable.

the other day the cat actually leaned over the side of the footstool he was sitting on, threw up INTO my purse, and then went back to sleep like nothing had happened.

okay, even for us barfphobes, that was pretty funny/gross/funny.