101 in 1001: 007 go vegan for at least 1 month [completed 02.01.06]
there it is, bitches! no celebratory german chocolate for me, though the thought of the snazzy stuff mari brought me for christmas makes me want to weep; as previously noted, i've folded the vegan thing into Operation Infinite Pulchritude. the good news is that joe reports that i appear to have lost weight; the bad news is that it seems to have fled my face, which is one of the only parts of a bride that doesn't have to worry about getting into a crazy dress.* in a broader sense, i've gotten used to finding critter-free food and eating enough of it that i don't want to kill everyone. restaurants are still a problem,** but i'm learning to pre-party with snacks at home. the skills, they develop slowly but surely.

*speaking of, settling on a dress has been weird. i'd planned to stick with the one i'd picked out back in 2000, but i befriended an indie pop DJ a few weeks ago whose non-superhero job, as i learned in one of those random streets-of-new-york run-ins last wednesday, is at bergdorf goodman; he hooked me up with a local couture guy who's slowly convincing me that i want to trade lots of money for chiffon, of all things. resisting him (and a wedding dress story that begins with ride's "vapour trail") ain't easy.

**especially the den of asshats we tried last saturday. i know french cuisine is virtually off-limits for me, but i didn't deserve a rude lecture for asking if their salad dressing was vegan. you, bar tabac, can suck it.

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sara said...

on chiffon...well, perhaps if it's done right??? all i can say is, try it on before you rule it out. i fell in love with tulle & was completely anti-tulle before i tried it on.