12.21.05 / 12.23.05

transit strike: cluster fuck.

since i've returned to the land of free computing, i can expand on that a bit. from where i'm sitting, the strike was awful for everyone (everyone other than ed koch, that is, whose re-aired 1980 marches across the brooklyn bridge got nearly as much play as union president roger toussaint did). i sympathized with the workers: it did seem wrong that the MTA was crowing about its billion-dollar surplus just as it was asking its employees to retire 7 years later, contribute to health care, and forgo meaty raises (though i would note that most transit workers already make more and have better benefit packages than i do). that said, the MTA's final offer around midnight on monday was decent; when the (unevenly supported) strike decision was announced at 3 am, toussaint himself noted that it had more to do with management's perceived lack of respect for the union than with the offer itself. he looked like a pissy child, and he behaved like one.


sara said...

breaking news: it's over! now, get back to work you ninnies!

lauren said...

don't speak so soon, my child - "over" simply means that MTA workers were given word. HOV rules were still in effect all day yesterday, and the weird cab fares persisted through last night (joe had to pay $15 to get home from work). the trains and buses began running at midnight last night / this morning.

sara said...

what a mess, the whole lot of it!