knowing leroy, he probably enjoyed being alone at the park for valentine's day / his birthday - but my guess that he would appreciate a tiny internet hello rather than a phone call seems terribly wrong today, given that kidchamp has been offline (curse you, hosting company) for something like a week and, well, he's him, and he does like unsolicited contact sometimes. i hate bad hunches - but i do love you, sir.

we joined a packed (?) theater to see monster yesterday afternoon. i file it with boys don't cry and dancer in the dark as the sort of movie that makes one want to vomit with sadness. joe thinks that charlize theron as (murderous prostitute) aileen wuornos was almost comically physical; that theron looked implausible seemed, to me, intentional. moreover, though i hate christina ricci with the fire of three dozen purgatories, i agree with the folks who think she's a capable actress who played a very bad actress (selby wall, aileen's whiny, please-slap-me lover). to be honest, though, i have a hard time criticizing films that question capital punishment. one could project STATE SPONSORED EXECUTION on a screen for an hour and a half and i'd vomit with sadness.

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