as peevish joe and a concerned call from jen suggest, i should be more literal in describing the severity of our fiery adventure. all things considered, it was quite mild: aye, the hallway was full of smoke and our apartment reeks, but the serious stuff happened in the basement. our building was born before planners got wise about air flow. the firemen, bless them, smashed a lot of windows and doors in their vivacity, but that's what they do. our most harrowing moments, other than when joe was freezing his ass off on the street, were when we had to find a concierge preoccupied enough to rent us a room before he noticed our meowing luggage.

son of revenge of the movie cinquains -


gave birth
to the notion
that, after kicking ass,
one should make sure one's attacker
is dead.

the shaft:

kills; odd 9/11
predictions outside my office

kentucky fried movie:

skits, excessive
gonads; hilarious
in the kung fu / wizard of oz

cold mountain

jack white
vomits, escapes
death; the civil war sucks;
starlets in period dress get

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